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Size Guide

Find your right size using our Size Guide!


 Sartorial Cassock 

CLICK HERE to download the form, and send it to our e-mail address.

 First Communion Albs 




 1  Use this image as Ring Sizer. Print it out making sure that it is scaled 100%.

 2  Use one of your rings to compare it to different diameters. In case of doubt, we advice you pick the larger size.

 3   Once you find the right diameter, check its number in the corresponding table. There you will find your correct size.  

CLICK HERE to download the ring sizer table.



 Hats - Zucchetto 

To take your hat measure you have to measure the circumference of the head about one centimeter over the ear.

The measure in centimeters thus obtained corresponds to the European (EU) system, as shown in the table below.




*   a  Collar circumference  b  Chest Circumference   Sleeve length   Shoulder length



 Crowns for Statues 

 1  Measure the diameter of the statue head.

 2  Calculate diameter = circumference / 3.14

 3  With the diameter value, choose the crown.


 Best Practice:  Adapt the crown to the statue head ovalizing its shape. Insert the crown into the appropriate hole. 



 Silk Wigs 


 1   Measure the diameter of the statue head, from hairline to nape.

 2   Measure the length from hairline to nape.

 3   In case the statue has a hole for the placement of a crown, measure the distance between the hairline and the hole.


 Color for more accuracy, please provide a picture of the shade required.

 Locks style:  Horizontal/Vertical