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Almost ninety years have passed since a certain day in 1933, when for the first time Russo Raffaele opened the doors of his frame shop in the heart of Naples.


That day, Mr. Russo left his house thinking he was opening a shop that could support his family, and perhaps he also wished he could someday hand it on to his children, if things went well.

However, he could hardly have imagined that he was setting up a business that would have withstood a world war, and that within only two generations would have come to make his name known all over the world. From the very beginning, Russo made himself known for the precision and cleanliness of the works and the quality of his craftsmanship, soon coming to count important personalities from Naples among his clients. Over time, many things have changed since 1933.


A war has passed that has left deep wounds in the city. Bombings have passed and luckily - perhaps miraculously - spared the founder, who that day accidentally entered the shop on one side of the road, instead of the other. To survive in the midst of the war and post-war crisis, Raffaele Russo soon realized that the only possible way was to focus on quality and innovation, which have remained the company's hallmarks ever since.

He first began to expand the shop's offer, adding nativity scene statues made in Germany and pictures of saints.

The location of the shop in this proved to be strategic: the Center was the place of the Neapolitan tradition of Nativity Scenes, and the proximity to the Dome and the church of Santa Chiara made it a place of passage for all those who decided to visit these centers of prayer.


In 1957 Russo's eldest son, Gaspare, joined his father in running the shop. The business grew, until in 1980 Gaspare took over the management completely.


In 2000, Gaspare's eldest son, also called Raffaele, opened another section of the shop dedicated to textiles and clergy apparel in the shop opposite the historic one.

In the meantime, however, things were changing. The ecclesiastical and religious world were evolving, and so were the ways and times of modern trade. To embrace this change, Raffaele junior decided to make a bet to save his family business: opening to the online world. With the initial help of just one collaborator, in a very small studio and proceeding by subsequent attempts and improvements, Raffaele, later supported by his siblings Fabrizia and Fabio, managed in a few years to create a website containing thousands of products, and transforming it into one of the best in the religious sector throughout Italy.


With the translation of the website starting from 2016 - first in English, then more recently also in Spanish - Russoraffaele has expanded its business all over the world, without ever giving up the characteristics of innovation and quality that have characterized it from the foundation up to the present day.


Now, to meet the logistical and storage needs of the new business, Russoraffaele has moved its headquarters to the industrial area of Naples. At the end of 2020, after the retirement of Gaspare Russo, the historic headquarters in via San Biagio dei Librai 116 were shut down.

Despite this, tradition and history have remained an indelible mark in the family business, which continues today, since 1933, to keep an open eye towards innovation, looking at the future.